The Silver shade is a simple exterior fabric panel that is easy to install and maintain.  It does not deploy and retract like our other exterior shades.  For situations in which fixed fabric panels are ideal for:

Handrail screens
Exterior shade panels
Privacy  barriers
Architectural accents

The silver shade can be made out of most fabrics so each fabric will determine the products warranty.

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i System/Control/Sizes

A silver shade is a simple panel of fabric. It is tensioned into place by attaching the top to attachment points or a track, and then pulling down on an aluminum bar inside the fabric towards anchor points. The aluminum bar is inside a fabric pocket, and nickel plated grommets create access holes through the fabric and aluminum for tensioning.  We tension by using nylon rope or heavy duty exterior zip ties.

We measure from where we will be attaching to.






ii Sizes

Silver shades are made to order.  We can manufacture to the specify needs of your application.  The roll width of the fabric will determine if the silver shade needs to be made out of one or more panels of fabric.


iii Fabrics

The fabric chosen for your Silver shade should be driven by function.

Blackout fabrics: These fabrics are designed to eliminate light transfer.  Used for theater rooms, bedrooms or any space you are trying to eliminate external light sources.

Mesh fabrics:  These fabric work best at eliminating glare.  They maintain your view, and depending on the openness of the mesh, you will see more or less of the outside world.  They will also cut down some of the UV that enters the room.  Meshes are available in different colors and offer a wide variety of openness: 70,  80, 90, or 97%.

Solid fabrics:  Solid fabrics work best for privacy.  They will stop more UV from entering the room but heat transfer will still occur and light can still come into the room.

iv Installation

Our professional installation teams can normally be in and out in the same day.  We can mount to wood, concrete, aluminum, steel and a variety of other materials.  If there is not anything substantial to install into, a header might be necessary.  Your salesperson will help quote out your particulars.