Skyco manually and motorized operated window treatments have been installed in notable projects in healthcare, places of learning, and hospitality as well as residential and commercial projects and national chains.  They are manufactured using high quality clutches and components.  The chain loop is T304 stainless steel with a tensile strength of 100 pounds.  The chain loop is continuous and completely coupler-less for the ultimate in appearance and reliability.  There are many reasons to choose manual shading solutions as they offer all of the solar protection and comfort benefits without the costs associated with motorization and wiring.

Skyco shades come in a variety of meshes, solids and blackout fabrics.  Interior shades will offer privacy, protection from glare and UV.  They will not have a substantial effect on heat transfer into a room.  They are easy to operate and clean.  Color options for the fascia that hides the shades can make them blend seamlessly into their environment.  See the downloadable pdf to the right for color options and details on sizes and comments.  Your salesperson can help you determine the best fabric for your application.

  1. i System/Control
  2. ii Sizes
  3. iii Fabrics
  4. iv Installation

i System/Control





Manual Control:  The shades are controlled by a pull chain that is specified to either the left or right side of the shade.  The chain has stopper balls on it that are set by the installer so that the chain stops the fabric at the desired length in both the up and down positions.  The chain is a 304 stainless that comes in unpainted, white or brown.


Motorized Control:  Motorization is available on these shade systems and each motor requires one dedicated outlet for a standard 3 prong cord.  If motorized, curtains may be mounted in areas where manual operation is not possible.  Remotes for these motors can control each motor individually, and/or group them together so that you control multiple shades with one button.  You can control up to 25 units on one remote.  The controls are wireless radio signals which means handheld remotes and wall mounted remotes require no wiring.  Other accessories can also communicate wirelessly to the motors.   Timers send the curtains down at pre-recorded times.  Sun sensors can lower the curtains when the heat of the sun reaches the strategically placed sensor.  Motorized systems may require a qualified electrical contractor if there is no power in the immediate area.  See your salesperson for more information.


ii Sizes

Skyco shades come in customized widths and drops.  They are custom made and can be specified down to  1/8″ for widths and 1/8″ for drops.  Once widths get to a certain point, the mounting brackets go from 3″ tall to 4″ tall to account for the extra fabric on the roll.  Depending on the size, the mounting surface above the window must be 3″ or 4″ for the brackets.  If you are trying to prevent glare, make sure you overlap the fabric to the opening about 1″ – 2″.  Your salesperson will work with you to measure out each shade.


iii Fabrics

The fabric chosen for your Skyco shade should be driven by function.  It is possible to install 2 systems on the same window that serve different purposes (a blackout shade and a loose mesh).  If you are looking to eliminate heat, you should look into an external shade system like our wire guide or rope and pulley systems.

Blackout fabrics: These fabrics are designed to eliminate light transfer.  Used for theater rooms, bedrooms or any space you are trying to eliminate external light sources.

Mesh fabrics:  These fabric work best at eliminating glare.  They maintain your view, and depending on the openness of the mesh, you will see more or less of the outside world.  They will also cut down some of the UV that enters the room.  Meshes are available in different colors and offer a wide variety of openness: 70,  80, 90, or 97%.

Solid fabrics:  Solid fabrics work best for privacy.  They will stop more UV from entering the room but heat transfer will still occur and light can still come into the room.

iv Installation

Our professional installation teams can normally be in and out in the same day.  We can mount to wood, concrete, aluminum, steel and a variety of other materials.  If there is not anything substantial to install into, a header might be necessary.  The manufacturer’s warranty for the shade is not honored if the system is not installed by a qualified installer as brackets that are not installed level will make the curtain walk into components and cause premature failure. Your salesperson will help quote out your particulars.