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Create free and open spaces for yourself:with a cantilever umbrella from MDT-tex You choose the direction – and not the pole! Thanks to the pole being positioned at the side, the space-saving design, and the handy opening mechanism, this umbrella is perfectly suited for challenging outdoor areas and small event spaces or for restaurant and hotel patios. The adjustable, optimally balanced free-arm umbrella provides total shade exactly where you need it – in an eye-catching modern design!

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Please note that dimensions are in meters (1 meter = approx. 3.3 feet)

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Pickup:  Our umbrellas are made to order in our factory in Hawaii.  We are located in Sand Island near the airport and you will find directions and a link to google maps on our Contact Us page.  Your finished umbrella(s) and base(s) can be conveniently picked up from our loading dock at no charge or we offer the following services.

Delivery:  For an up-charge, we can have your umbrellas delivered to your property.  Please make sure to let us know if you have any steps, especially if you have bases, so that our delivery driver can be best prepared.

Installation + Set Up:  We have dedicated delivery team that can set up your umbrellas in your bases.  If we do not have a layout we charge for time on job site so that we arrange your umbrellas, bases, and or furniture to your liking.  For metal base installation your salesperson will quote out your specific install.



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