Fabric canopies will transform your outdoor area into a functional and potentially revenue generating space in a matter of days. Our structures are designed, engineered and manufactured at our shop on Sand Island. The finished components are taken down and assembled on the jobsite, and most canopies install within 2-5 days. A Canopy is defined as a permanent fabric structure that has at least one post. If you can take the fabric down every 30 days for 24 hours, then the structure is technically temporary, but fabric canopy fabrics are permanent. Because of this, they are a permittable product and have a unique path. 

While a canopy is and fabric structure with a post, we make a distinction between the types of canopies by how the fabric is attached. A conventional canopy has a cover tied with ropes while a cable tensioned canopy has a caver tensioned with cables. Cable tension canopies are a product we’ve been evolving since 1995. Design choices such as curved rafters and a cable tensioning system allow us to use the most minimal amount of steel to support the fabric. We took this a step further and pre engineered canopy projections from 5′ to 40′ allowing us to quote custom structures that will meet our local wind speed requirement. More information on cable tension canopies is available in the PDF below

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