Mak Max

MakMax Architectural Umbrellas can withstand strong winds; with some models designed to withstand gusts up to 90mph as standard. These umbrellas also provide maximum UVA and UVB protection, feature state of the art architectural-grade PVC membranes, and galvanized steel cables with stainless steel fittings. All collapsible models utilize a patented lever erection system which allows easy opening and closing of most models in seconds and there are no internal gear boxes to jam or fail.


  • High-quality large commercial umbrellas
  • Designed and engineered in Australia: perfectly designed for Pacific Ocean conditions.
  • Architectural-grade PVC canopies.
  • Superior protection from direct sun and UV rays.
  • Wind Rated and engineered for our climate.
  • Easy maintenance and long lifespan.
  • A wide range of Colors, Shapes and Sizes.
  • Flexible design options, add accessories, such as lights, heaters and roll-down blinds for year-round outdoor dining.

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