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We are a custom manufacturing business.  If there’s an idea you have or a project you’ve seen somewhere, chances are we can or may have even done it before!  We employ welders, wood workers, sewers, fabric cutters, painters, designers, and installers, and have been doing custom projects for over 20 years.

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Our most common requests are to weld vinyl fabrics together to make heavy duty custom tarps and to make commercial grade outdoor covers.   We price our custom projects by the amount of material it takes to manufacture, so having a good idea of what you’re looking for make will enable us to get you a price faster.  Please refer to the fabric .pdfs available at the right and explore your options.


We can manufacture to exact specifications, if we receive them in a format that is usable and if they are accompanied by site pictures.  If you want us to manufacture solely from your design, please see a sales associate for more details.



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