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Tropical J’s manufactures umbrellas here in Hawaii from the ground up. We are sensitive to the unique conditions of our islands and have developed an original series of umbrellas that outperform all other wood frames on the market today. Each umbrella is made to order which allows us to offer our entire collection in any one of Sunbrella’s 150 colors or almost any other fabric or weave material. We offer many size and shape options so make sure to download the Umbrella Size/Shape Chart.PDF to the right to help find the best sized umbrella for your specific needs. We also offer additional options and accessories for umbrellas such as pulleys, bases, gutters and lights. Please note that due to all of the options available for our umbrellas, we have limited umbrellas in stock; normal lead time for this product is anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Your salesperson will help with prices. Use the table below to spring forward to a particular section of this page or simply scroll down to learn more.

Shapes/Series/Pole Size

Shapes: Tropical J’s offers 3 shapes of umbrellas.  Each shape is available in many sizes, from 7′ up to 14′. Please refer to our Umbrella Size/Shape Chart.PDF for which sizes are available in each shape.

umbrella size

Series:  There are 4 series of umbrellas.  Regent, Moloka’i, Ali’i and Grand Ali’i.  The pole size, the ribs and the spars of the umbrella are sized according to the series of the umbrella.  The larger the pole diameter, the larger and more heavy duty the frame components become. Use the Umbrella Size/Shape Chart.PDF in the downloads section to determine which series fits your needs.  Some sizes are available in more than one series.

Pole Size:  The pole diameter is determined by the series.  If you have an application where the pole diameter is a driving factor, i.e. a hole opening in your table or an existing umbrella base, it’s important to properly specify the series.  The chart below clarifies the pole sizes in our collection.

pola size

Frames/Rib Tip Clearance/Pulleys

Frames: We handcraft our frames with pride and Aloha here in Hawaii on a per order basis.  We use American red oak rib stock to cut all the spars and ribs. The finial, hub and runner are also glued together from American red oak, hand turned on a lathe and then bored out for the specific pole size.  Each pole is cut to length depending on rib tip clearance specified.  After manufacture, all components are hand sanded and dipped in a commercial grade Polyurethane.  This process is repeated 3 times to give the components a superior coating.  The components are then assembled using solid Hillman stainless steel hardware.  Our umbrella pole has a protective stainless steel sleeve epoxied on the bottom to prevent swelling of the umbrella pole while in a base where moisture might be present.  Depending on the application, we can horizontally drill through the sleeve for acceptance of a stainless steel through pin and lock or a nut and bolt to secure umbrella to base.


Rib Tip Clearance:  Rib Tip Clearance (RTC) refers to the clearance from the ground to the perimeter of the umbrella cover.  We can manufacture to almost any specified  RTC from 6′ 8″ to up to 8′.  Standard RTC is 6′ 8″ for umbrellas up to 11′, with 7′ 0″ or higher for our larger diameter umbrellas.  With larger umbrellas, the ribs become so long that a taller RTC is required so that the umbrella is tall enough to close. Sometimes RTC must also be increased so that umbrellas can close over tables.  Your salesperson can help you with your special circumstances.  A Rib Tip Clearance.pdf is available for download that helps to determine how to specify RTC in different circumstances.

Pulleys:  As our umbrella sizes get larger, they get heavier.  They open like a traditional umbrella where you push up on the runner and then use a pin to lock it in place at the desired height. However, our larger sizes weigh more than traditional umbrellas and as they get bigger, they can be very difficult to open without the aid of a pulley system.  A pulley system is included on each umbrella in the Grand Ali’i series. Pulleys are available on any umbrella, in any series, for an up-charge.  We use marine grade Harken pulleys which are also used on America’s Cup.  These pulleys are simple and effective in design and never freeze up.  Excess pulley rope occurs when our umbrellas are fully opened.  The excess rope is put inside the pulley bag and the bag can then be placed on the umbrella’s upper rib cage for storage while the umbrella is opened.  The pulley bag and the umbrella cover are made from the same fabric.



Fabrics:  Tropical J’s primarily manufactures its umbrella covers from Sunbrella’s Marine and Awning line of woven acrylic  fabric.  Solution dyed acrylic is like a tomato where the color is consistent throughout.  There are many color choices and since our covers are made to order, you get to specify the perfect color match or even multiple colors for your home. Our pricing is set for solid fabrics but it is possible to have striped fabrics for an up-charge.  Sunbrella carries a 10 year pro-rated warranty on this fabric.  Sunbrella is not made from organic elements, so it is guaranteed against rot, mold and mildew.  Download the Sunbrella fabric card from the downloads above or come by to get a free fabric sample book.


We occasionally manufacture umbrella covers from other fabrics such as meshes, wicker weaves and even vinyls.  See your salesperson to explore your options.

Valances + Gutters

Valances:  Valances are a decorative fabric that hangs down from the perimeter of the umbrella cover.  They are available for an up-charge. Valances are made from the same fabric as the main cover and are available in many styles as illustrated in the chart to the right.  They are finished with an accent fabric called “binding” which is available in many color options. In the picture on the right, the light blue represents the fabric and the dark blue represents the binding.  Downloads of the valance styles and binding color options are available here or at the top of the page.

Gutters:  If square or rectangle umbrellas are placed next to each other and consistent coverage is required, we can manufacture custom gutters for you.  The umbrella covers are sewn with soft velcro that attaches to the hard velcro of the gutters.  The gutter has a slope that promotes drainage to one side or the other.  The gutter below joins two 10′ square umbrellas together and drains to the left.

Umbrella Base

Granite Bases  88 pounds: This small base works great for the smaller umbrellas.  It is designed for an umbrella up to about 10′ depending on your wind factor.  This base is made for our Regent and Molokai series umbrellas and will work with poles sizes of 1-1/2″ & 1-3/4″.  The base material is granite and the riser is stainless steel.  The umbrella is fixed into the base by use of a tensioning knob and we also offer an upgrade to a through bolt with lock.  The granite base diameter is 18-1/2″ and it is approximately 3-3/4″ thick.


Granite bases 176 pounds: This large base work great for all size umbrellas.  It is a larger version of the 88 pound granite base (above) with a riser than can accommodate a 2″ & 2-1/2″ umbrella pole.  It can also be outfitted with a smaller riser to accommodate a 1-1/2″ & 1-3/4″ pole.  The granite base diameter is 25-1/2″ and it is approximately 4″ thick.

Metal Bases:  Our bases plates are made out of galvanized steel plate and tube and fully welded.  There is a small weep hole at the bottom of the tube to promote water drainage.  There is a hole on either side of the tube to through bolt the umbrella using either a bolt or a pin with a lock.  At the top there is a set screw to set the umbrellas before we drill them.  For metal bases installation a layout is required.  Your salesperson will help you layout the location of the center of each umbrella, and then our installer will come and professionally attach and level each base plate to the deck.  For wood decks we use Hillman stainless lag screws.  For concrete we epoxy set all-thread into the deck and then bolt the bases down.  In both instances we waterproof the gap between the deck and the baseplate.  Each umbrella is rotated to position and then set with a set screw, and then drilled through so that it may be through bolted to the base.  Each base is made to order and is available in a gloss black finish or custom colors for an up-charge.

Pickup/Delivery/Installation + Setup

Pickup:  Our umbrellas are made to order in our factory in Hawaii.  We are located in Sand Island near the airport and you will find directions and a link to google maps on our Contact Us page.  Your finished umbrella(s) and base(s) can be conveniently picked up from our loading dock at no charge or we offer the following services.

Delivery:  For an up-charge, we can have your umbrellas delivered to your property.  Please make sure to let us know if you have any steps, especially if you have bases, so that our delivery driver can be best prepared.

Installation + Set Up:  We have dedicated delivery team that can set up your umbrellas in your bases.  If we do not have a layout we charge for time on job site so that we arrange your umbrellas, bases, and or furniture to your liking.  For metal base installation your salesperson will quote out your specific install.


  • Sunbrella Fabrics
  • Umbrella Size/Shape Chart
  • Tenara Thread
  • Valance & Binding
  • Rib Tip Clearance
  • Instructions on assembling a Tropical J’s granite umbrella base
  • Through Bolt Drilling
  • Sunbrella Cleaning
  • Sunbrella Warranty