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f you are looking for retractable covering that can be used in sun, rain and heavy winds, then a retractable canopy is the ultimate solution. With the push of a button you can keep your customers cool, keep your spaces dry, or create a beautiful open aired space when the weather is appropriate.

A framework allows fabric support tubes to travel in and out and tension fabric over spaces as wide as you want and up to 29′ in projection. These systems are rated to 60 mph winds and can be engineered for winds up to 105! The framework is available in many styles and offered with the look of powder coated aluminum, or elegant wood beams.

Don’t bring your customers inside anymore when it starts to drizzle or lose any more revenue because your outdoor space is too hot. We’ve partnered with the best manufacture in the industry to offer a system that will be customized to your space and withstand the unique environment here in Hawaii. Contact us today.



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