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MakMax Architectural Umbrellas are available in a range of shapes and sizes, collapsible, portable and modular units, with colour and branding potential and they can be customised to suit each site using our wide range of accessories including heating misting and lighting. Our umbrellas can be installed to most surfaces including concrete footings and slabs, timber decks and boardwalks. The structures are easy to transport and arrive to site fully preassembled or in component form for easy erection.

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MakMax Architectural Umbrellas are able to withstand strong winds with models designed to Vdes 40.5m/s (145.8km/hr) as standard. An optional upgrade to Vdes 50.3m/s (181km/hr) is available on some models; others are designed specifically for their end use. These umbrellas also provide maximum UVA and UVB protection, feature state of the art membranes including TiO2 photo-catalytic membrane, galvanised and stainless steel cables and fittings. All collapsible models utilise a patented lever erection system which allows easy opening and closing of most models in seconds and there are no internal gear boxes to jam or fail.


High frequency butt-joint welded canopy panels with tape reinforcing – the best industry practice for strength while providing an attractive smooth finish. Canopy perimeters are stitched using Tenara PTFE sewing thread unaffected by UV, salt water, acid rain, pollutants or micro-organisms.


Our all steel frame constructions are wind-rated, commercial quality and designed to last. Choose from a wide range of fabric and steel powercoat colours, or opt for marine grade 316, all stainless steel frame. Triplex brand steel coating system combines hot-sprayed zinc and aluminium galvanising with two layers of powdercoat: simply the best powdercoat steel protection available today.


The PVC canopy is waterproof, UV resistant, anti-fungal, easy-clean PVDF coating industry leading fabric technology means long life with low maintenance.


Marine grade 316 stainless steel under arm cables with tension adjustment ensure membrane tension can be maintained over time.


With our patented lever erection system you can erect and collapse most models in seconds and there are no internal gear boxes to jam or fail.

Contour vs. Linear Edge

The contour edge is standard to all Monaco, Pavilion, Quasar and St Tropez models. With their sleek look, contour edge canopies suggest a feeling of lightness. The linear edge provides additional coverage as well as attachment of gutters or blinds.



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